Supre Chaos 13.5 OZ


$ 23.50 $ 60.00

  • Extremely powerful thermal silicone bronzing blend combines Black DHA Bronzers with skin stimulators delivering dark rich color while creating an intense hot tingle sensation for the most advanced dark tanning experience possible.
  • Natural tan enhancers help condition skin for more dynamic dark color.
  • Tattoo ColorShield Technology™ combines essential minerals, Aloe and Algae to help maintain the color and vibrancy of tattoos.
  • Inkcredible™ moisture blend with Cocoa Butter, Sunflower and Olive Oil helps rejuvenate and nourish tattooed skin while continually promoting golden color.
  • Recommended for experienced tanners only. Severe warming sensation and redness can last up to several hours after use.

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